Facilitating Reflective Practice & Critical Complexity Thinking

We co-curate systemic change interventions with individuals, groups and organisations through facilitating reflective practice, embracing complexity thinking, enabling systems change curators, navigating leadership journeys and co-creating transformative spaces for talks, teaching, creative dialogues and the application of complexity-based research methods.

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Co-curating Systemic Change by Cultivating Systems Change Curators

We co-curate authentic co-operative and participatory approaches and interventions working to effect systemic change through a deeper understanding and commitment to engaging with multiple causes, contextual issues beyond organisational and sector silos to shift culture and achieve social impact.

Navigating Leadership Journeys and Executive Development

Navigating change, uncertainty, ambiguity and incongruence are of key importance to developing alternative ways of being and doing. This means a in-depth journey with complexity as a reality of nature with deeper reflection on perspectives that drive change and adaptive leadership.

Co-creating Talks, Teaching, T-Labs and Transformative Research Approaches

One of the key paradigm shifts to undergo in complexity thinking is to move from individualism to an awareness of how we are relationally constituted as human beings. Moving beyond Complexity 101, we unpack complexity-informed praxis for systems leaders and entrepreneurs.